Founded in 1997 by Claude Zalac, Unipièce O.E.M. quickly forged its credibility and proved its relevance with its body shop customers, network of dealers, banners and insurers. Its main merit has been to facilitate the distribution and use of original equipment manufactured parts for the benefit of all parties. It is from an embryonic network of 15 dealers in the Laval region that the company has grown, a year after its foundation, with the acquisition of a competitor to cover the Island of Montreal, then with the development of the network south of the metropolitan and into eastern Ontario. From 2005, Unipièce OEM, has taken root throughout Quebec with over 175 dealerships with which it transacts as well as all the province’s body shops.

Mike Kaplaniak began development in Ontario in 2013 with the start of Uniparts O.E.M. Canada. Beginning with a small group of dealers in the Greater Toronto Area, growth followed, leading to a strong dealer network of over 120 dealer partners in Ontario today. Expansion into Alberta began in 2017, with great success moving us forward into the British Columbia market in 2019.

At Unipièce O.E.M./Uniparts O.E.M. Canada, we are truly proud of all that we have accomplished for the industry since 1997. We have raised the bar for what the level of service should be. We continue to improve the availability of genuine parts to collision repair centres across Canada. Our openness to listen and work with our industry partners, our customers, our dealer partners, and our representatives has been the key to our success in this continuously changing market.




The success of our parts brokerage business is easy to explain. Building strong relations is the foundation to everything we do. Our relationship development between our customers and our dealer partners ensures stronger business relations improving their profitability. Service and profitability for our dealers and body shops always comes first. Uniparts O.E.M. Canada provides personalized services to its customers through, opening of accounts, competitive pricing, discount negotiations, parts returns, back order part searches, limited lifetime warranty and communications.

We are an official supplier of the ProgiParts system and one of the exclusive suppliers for several insurance companies. With the evolution of manufactures creating incentives to compete with aftermarket parts, we also support the systems that help our dealer partners with these competitive pricing programs such as CollisionLink and AutoPartsBridge. This greatly benefits all parties involved with documented electronic ordering to reduce errors, more genuine parts on the consumers vehicles, better fit and finish for the technicians working on the car, as well as stronger competitive pricing.



Uniparts O.E.M. prides itself with its level of customer service. We take a proactive and immediate approach with the customer. We know the importance of cycle time to our customers, who often find difficulties obtaining the parts they need to deliver the vehicle to the customer. We do everything in our power, working with our dealer partners, to keep the shops cycle time to a minimum. Reducing a shops cycle time not only helps the shop but benefits the insurer and the consumer.

We are extremely proud of our team of representatives across Canada. The strength of company comes from the service offered by our team which is well recognized by all those associated with the collision industry. Our representatives continually raises the bar for parts service providers in the industry and our greatest success comes from the confidence that our customers have in our team.